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Tired of Boring, Never-Ending Keynotes, Workshops and Other So-Called “Motivational” Programs?

You’ve come to the right place!

Motivational speaker Cris Johnson guarantees your group will love his entertaining programs. Whether your group is 20 or 2000, Cris has the experience, training and presence to captivate your group and deliver his concepts in fun, entertaining ways.

Cris offers programs on:

All of his programs are interactive, fun and guaranteed to make YOU look great!

Be sure to check out his partial Client List page and you’ll see that his past clients read like a partial “Fortune 500” list!

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Finally, check out the…

"7 Biggest Reasons Why Cris Johnson's Programs Will
Guarantee Your Attendees An Unforgettable, Informative & Fun Event…"

  1. High In Content Many speakers pad their talks with “fluff,” but Cris’ programs are loaded with content. Your attendees will come away from Cris’ programs with effective, easy-to-use “tools” that will enhance their lives.
  1. A Light Touch - Cris will hold the attention of your group through the use of several different presentational tools, including startling demonstrations of the mind, humor, stories of inspiration, and more.
  1. Magic – Yes, magic! It’s unusual for a speaker to use magic, but Cris does it not only to hold your group’s attention but to also enhance and demonstrate his important concepts. Cris’ magic & mind reading illusions will capture everyone’s attention!
  1. Customizable Programs - Cris can easily adapt his program to fit YOUR needs, whether you need a special presentation for a specific event, or group size.
  1. Easy, Easy, Easy! - Cris guarantees that he will be the easiest speaker you ever book. Many speakers want their own dressing rooms, ‘chilled’ water, a bowl of green M&Ms and more! That’s nonsense. Cris understands that his job is to deliver a great presentation and be easy to work with!
  1. No One Will Fall Asleep! – Cris’ programs are fun, fast-moving, interactive and unforgettable. Your group will sit up, take notes, laugh, join in, and have fun even as they learn.
  1. "Tear Up Your Check" Guarantee - If for any reason you're unhappy with the program, Cris will tear up your check on the spot and you get the program for FREE. Don't worry, though, in over 15 years of presenting programs, no one has ever taken him up on it.

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